India Implements Its Commitments For Providing Military Assistance To Afghanistan: Indian Defense Minister

Saturday, 17 August, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Indian Defense Minister has said his country would give positive response to Afghanistan’s demand related to military assistance.
According to BNA, the Indian Defense Minister on Monday to the country’s parliament said, “India will provide military assistance according to Afghanistan’s demand and delivering such assistance to Afghanistan is acceptable under frame work of security cooperation pact previously signed between the two countries.
The assertions related to delivering military assistance to Afghanistan made by a high-ranking Indian official after Indian Foreign Minister Salman Khorshid declared two months ago that India was not in a situation to provide Afghanistan with military assistance.
Hamid Karzai in his recent trip to India submitted a list of military requirements and equipment including heavy weapons, military aircrafts and protective bridges needed by Afghanistan, asking for supplying them by India.
Although Indian Foreign Minister considered providing heavy weapons to Afghan officials as practicable, few days later a joint panel for Indian Interior and Defense Ministries arrived to Kabul and assured Afghan officials for continuing military cooperation with Afghanistan.
Military experts in Afghanistan considered recent assertions of the Indian Defense Minister as result of a recent trip of the Indian military panel to Kabul.
Thus, they are trying to amend the assertions of the Indian Foreign Minister.

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