Itihad Weekly Resumed Publication in Baghlan After a Short Hiatus

Kabul (BNA) The weekly Itihad, a publishing organ of Baghlan Information and Culture Department, which had not been published due to recent developments, started publishing due to the efforts of the officials of Information and Culture Department of that province.

Seyed Abdullah Sadat, the editor-in-chief of Itihad weekly, told BNA Itihad weekly, which is published in four pages in the form of Iqbal color.

The editor-in-chief of Itihad weekly asks all writers, journalists and poets of Baghlan to publish their scientific and literary contents for publication in future editions, with   Information and Culture Department, in order to enrich and improve the content of Itihad newspaper of Baghlan.

He cited the lack of funding for the distribution and publication of the Itihad newspaper as a major problem, and praised the role of Mawlavi Mustafa Hashemi, director of information and culture at the printing and publishing of the first issue of the Itihad weekly after the rule of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

Mawlavi Mostafa Hashemi, Director of Information and Culture of Baghlan , called the role of the press and the position of the press in society in informing and institutionalizing the culture of reading with regard to its transfer to the most important and fundamental areas and assured that supporting freedom of expression and media is one of the main goals and work programs of this office.


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