Kabul Security Situation; Need Serious & Practical Measures/ Commentary

Wednesday March 11, 2020
Kabul (BNA) Recently, security situation has become more fragile in Kabul city, despite of happening tiny criminal cases, four terrible incident has been took place across the city within the last five days.
BNA analyst commenting on the issue writes, a gathering that numerous governmental officials and political figures were participated have been targeted by armed attackers in 6th PD Kabul city on Friday 06 March, as a result more than 30 people lost their lives and over 80 people were wounded.
Two days later, a member of provincial council for Logar province with his four bodyguards were killed by armed gunmen in Kocha Barqi region, 8th PD Kabul city.
At the same day, four members of a family including children have brutally shot dead by unidentified gunmen in relevant areas of 8th PD Kabul city.
Meanwhile, during President Ghani inauguration ceremony four missiles have fired by unknown gunmen from 4th PD Kabul city that hit on around presidential place, there were no human casualties or damages following the missiles attacks, but disrupt people.
Occurrence such incidents called that security situation have remained more critical in Kabul and efforts of security and defense organs has not improved security situation in the city.
Insecurity, increasing armed robberies, increasing narcotic drug addicts, selling and buying narcotic drugs, harassment of women on the roads, increasing irresponsible armed men, continuing usurpation of lands and etc… has increased concerns among residents of Kabul city.
Conducting criminal cases cannot be accidental, but Kabul city as capital of Afghanistan is in focus of activities of different groups, the city is the witnesses of activities of terrorist groups, mafia bands and criminal gangs, the bands and groups has increased insecurity and criminal cases in capital Kabul and also trying to reach to their evil goals by carrying different illegal programs in various parts of the city.
What has done the government against criminal gangs and dangerous bands? 
The main sources of criminal gangs and terrorists and destructive groups are not hidden from the government’s viewpoint, but fighting against the gangs and groups is the top priority of the government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.
People cooperation regarding identifying the members of the bands and groups help government and security organs to detain and demolish them.
Ministry of interior as responsible for ensuring security in Kabul city should take serious and practical measures.
Decreasing and increasing or changing officials in security precincts or security organs in Kabul city didn’t positive results in the past, but the ministry should strengthen on intelligence, discoveries and equipment security organs with developed modern tools.
Unfortunately, relationships and corruptions in appointments of security officials continues in Kabul’s police security precincts so far.
Determination and mobility in security organs are the main issues that improve and change security situation in the country, particular in Kabul city. 

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