Khalili Assesses People’s Difficulties In His Meeting With Elders

Sunday, September 16, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Mohammad Karim Khalili second vice-president while the elders of Khost and some members of the provincial council and in charges of the province were present heard a series of problems of the participants at the meeting who asked for government attention towards their problems.
The elders also took note of security in Khost and coordination of the people with the province, and expressing satisfaction over the activities of the local organs, assured Khalili that the ground is prepared for implementation of more reconstruction activities in the province.
They also touched on the decree 45 of president of Afghanistan in respect to struggle against to corruption and delivering of tasks to the right persons and expressed the hope that these programs yield positive results in eradication of corruption.
They also asked the leadership of the government to assist the local authorities of Khost province in execution of those programs. They emphasized on the implementation of Master Plan of Khost city.
The elders supported development of the local organs, attention towards standardizing of the Khost Airport, increasing of the security forces, distribution of traffic documents to the vehicle owners who could not receive them so far and some other issues.
The participants also said that Khost is vulnerable province from natural disaster point of view but the aid by the provincial committee is not reaching the affected people of the province.

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