Khalili Chairs High Council Of Communication And Information Technology

Sunday, August 05, 2012
Kabul (BNA) To begin with minister of communication and information technology elaborated on the coverage of communication services and optic fiber, in different parts of the country, electronic identity card, expansion of internet and electronic good governance.
He added that over 18 million people throughout the country are using mobile services and the program for expansion optical fiber in some parts have been completed and work on other parts are being continued including the central parts and in some southern provinces like Takhar and Badakhshan.
He noted that considering the expansion of optical fiver the price of internet services will also be reduced and more people will use it.
He called the electronic good governance a good step towards self-reliance of Afghanistan and added that recently an understanding has been reached between the ministries of higher education and the communications and the same ground will be provided for education ministry as well.
He stressed that with implementation of that agreement, this ministry and higher education institutions will have access to their needed facilities and this way they can have access to world research institutions.
It is expected that another agreement between this ministry and ministry of public health will be signed for treatment from distant areas and this will provide better facility for that ministry.
Deputy Minister of communication and information technology also talked on another understanding agreement between the this ministry and the ministry of public works pertaining to transfer of budget of optical fiber.
In another part of the meeting deputy minister of interior affairs reported that efforts for distribution of electronic identity cards as being continued and taken in this respect.
After hearing the reports, Khalili appreciated the services of the ministry of communication and information technology and the members of the council expressed their views and proposals for ever further improvement in communications spheres.
The council also confirmed the agreements among the ministries of communication, higher education, public health and public works and reiterated on further expansion of optical fiber, electronic governance in all spheres like health, education and higher education expansion of internet services, banking services through mobiles all over the country.
The council also assigned the ministry of finance so that considering the importance of the electronic identity cards allocate the primary financial needs of the ministry of interior for this purpose making a total of USD5 million.

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