Khalili Meets Behsud Elders

Saturday January 25, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Some elders and influential and youth of first part of Behsud of Maidan-Wardak met with Mohammad Karim Khalili and while voicing their satisfaction over the performances of the government in the past decade in different sphere, and hailed the work achieved during this decade in different areas of expansion, economic development, freedom of speech, human rights, education, higher education, reconstruction as full of gains.
They also shared a series of their problems with Khalili including implementation of the social justice in development, reconstruction and expansion programs of the government, provision of educational grounds for the youth and their access to scholarships and inclusion of their talented people to the government organs.
Khalili welcomed them nd p[raised their people’s role in Jehad, resistance and in the era in the country and added that though we see a distance in realization of social justice in some spheres however the people in the past decade have got access to some values that they were deprived of them in the course of history of this nation.
He added that evident progress is made in the light of new era in Afghanistan and preservation of it is a principle and he attribute observing of co-existence and solidarity and peaceful coexistence among the people a necessity for stability and progress in the country.
He also thanked the world community for its support towards the reconstruction in Afghanistan and added that vigilance and awareness of the people of Afghanistan towards their destiny and emphasis on national unity is a great blessing.
He assured them that their demands will be considered.
According to other report, Khalili also met with some elders of second part of Behsud of Maidan/Wardak who shared their problems with the vice-president urging the government to address their problems.
The elders expressed their satisfaction over the achievements of the past decade and hoped that improvement made in their lives. They also hoped that the security pact is signed with the US considering the national high interests of  Afghanistan.
They demanded building of school buildings and upgrading of the central middle school of Behsud to high school. They complained that it is planned that an organization construct an airport is made on people’s land without coordination with the government organs, however they should initially contact the government organs in this respect so that legal expropriation of land is facilitated.
Khalili assured the elders of second part of Behsud that their demands will be considered and that the airport there will be legally assessed and shall take place after expropriation of the people’s land and that this issue will be resolved by the government organs.

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