Marshal Fahim’s message on brave revolt of Kabul citizens against invasion of former Red Army

Kabul (BNA) Wednesday coincides with the third of Hoot the 32nd anniversary of the brave revolt of your people against the former Red Army to our dear country Afghanistan.  I therefore express my appreciation to your brave people and pray for the souls of the martyrs who in the epic-making day indicated their opposition to the invaders lost their lives.  32 years ago from today, the people of Kabul city including the women, men, young and old by shouting “Alahu Akbar” and marching on the city streets showed their disagreement against the armed Russian soldiers and by sacrificing their blood opened another page in the history of this nation.  The protestors with empty hands and faithful hearts made epics and they were mercilessly suppressed by the invading forces and their puppets.  This movement which was initiated by the people of the city shook the rulers of then Moscow and Kabul and indicated to them that they are not prepared to submit to the invaders and cruelties.  Suppression of the defenseless people by the former Red Army not only could prevent the hatred and indignation of the people towards the puppet regime but it further instigated the will of the people and spread it to other parts of the country.  The revolt of third of Hoot of Kabul people in reality was declaration of Jehad against the invaders and continued till retreat of the Red Army from Afghanistan, collapse of the puppet regime supported by the invaders and ultimately led to the disintegration of the former Soviet Union, freedom of its united republics and East European countries department on the former Soviet Union.  The people throughout Afghanistan praised the revolt of Kabul people in the third of Hoot 1358 and believe that this historic day will not be forgotten and it will be celebrated with honors.  Once again I pray to the souls of the martyrs of the third of Hoot revolt in Kabul, and praise it and believe that our people will get the benefit of their sacrifices.  Eternal are the memories of the martyrs of Third of Hoot.

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