Meeting Held for Better Affairs in Takhar Information and Culture Department

Takhar (BNA) The Director of Information and Culture of Takhar  in a meeting asked the literary and cultural figures of the province to cooperate with the administration for the growth of literary and cultural activities in Takhar.

According to BNA, at a meeting held today in order to better address the challenges of Takhar Information and Culture Department, Ansarullah Ansari, the director of Takhar Information and Culture, said that all employees have a religious responsibility to carry out their duties honestly and not to procrastinate.

He said that the Islamic Emirate will soon pay the salaries of the employees and asked the employees of Information and Culture Department to observe the order and discipline of the office and the employees are obliged to perform their duties according to the bill and submit their performance reports to the office monthly.

Ansari said the department is the common home of all people and called on literary and cultural figures in Takhar to co-operate with the department in order to grow literary and cultural activities in Takhar.


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