Meeting Held to Improve Matters in Nimroz

Friday, October 29, 2021
Zaranj (BNA) A meeting was held in order to improve the affairs of the governor of Nimroz, the officials of the civil institutions and the media in that province yesterday.
According to BNA, Mawlavi Abdul Khaliq Abed, the governor of Nimroz, said, you are the children of those who sacrificed a lot in this country for the victory of the Islamic Emirate and the religion of Islam. They did not have food to eat, but fought for the religion of Islam and liberation from foreign occupation.
The governor of Nimroz added, honest service to the people and the country is one of the great responsibilities entrusted to you, and the most important issue in your responsibility, piety and honesty is the officials of the departments.
The governor of Nimroz said that every official in the department and every government employee in every department that is in charge should consider God, mercy and piety.

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