Message from the Ministry of Education on the Occasion of Birth of Blessed Holy Prophet, Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH)

Kabul (BNA) We are glad that on the occasion of the auspicious birthday of the Lord of the Universe, the great Prophet of Islam, the Holy Prophet (PBUH), we offer our best congratulations to all our faithful compatriots, teachers and students from the bottom of our hearts.

The resurrection with the happiness of the great Prophet of Islam, Mohammad (PBUH), is full of good guidance for humanity, which is based on divine commands and forbids people from misguidance and ugly deeds.

These guidelines lit such a torch for the guidance of humanity in the world that Muslims have stepped in the light of it until today and according to the mentioned guidelines, they have adjusted their behavior and deeds in this holy way and sought the secret of their success in this world and the hereafter.

The great Prophet of Islam, Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), has invited the Muslim Ummah to teach and acquire knowledge, as the first divine revelation began with the blessed word “Aqra”, which emphasizes the importance of education and knowledge.

Therefore, by quoting and inferring from this divine revelation, it is beautiful for all Muslims, especially for Afghans, to adorn themselves with the ornaments of knowledge and literacy in order to be a source of valuable services for their homeland and compatriots.

We ask our compatriots to come and celebrate this permanent day with good prayers to the essence of the Holy God for the progress and development of Afghanistan and the promotion of science and knowledge in our country, and thus fulfill the real right of this blessed day. We strongly support the actions that bring prosperity and peace to our compatriots.


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