MoIC Incomes Reach to 252 Million AFG in 2020: Minister

Kabul (BNA) Mohammad Tahir Zuhair, Acting Minister of Information and Culture in state accountability to the nation program held yesterday with participation of deputy ministers, advisors and directors of information and culture and journalists by briefing related the Ministry’s works and achievements in the past one year and future programs said the Ministry of Information and Culture was operating towards promotion of culture and art, protection of cultural heritages, supporting the freedom of expression, freedom of mass media activities, improvement of tourism industry and supporting the rights of youth in the country.

Summarizing the MoIC works and achievement of the 2020 into four principal categories as culture and art, youth affairs, tourism and publications, acting minister of information and culture added the ministry of information and culture was committed to promotion and strengthening of the country’s national culture, protection and supporting the cultural heritages and promotion of cultural varieties, development and strengthening of media, public awareness and monitoring works of government and private media, promotion of tourism industry and absorption of tourists to introduce them the Afghan culture and increase the country’s revenue as well as supporting youth in various political, social, economic and cultural fields.

Meanwhile, acting minister of information and culture by pointing to the ministry’s structure and budget said the ministry has been able to collect 152.5 million AFG revenue from its relevant resources in 2020. Pointing to future programs of the ministry, acting minister of information and culture said based on instruction of the country’s President, renovation, repairing, preservation and protection of the country’s bal-e-hesars, historic monuments and cultural heritages would be in top working priorities of the ministry during 2021.

He further said that holding a 100-program in various cultural sections, reviving and highlighting the country’s untouchable arts, renovation of historic and cultural figures’ mausoleums, attention to protection of all historic monuments, places, cultural heritages and investments would include the future programs of the ministry of information and culture. Mohammad Tahir Zuhair stressed that the ministry of information and culture was working to bring the culture from side to the text, highlighting elements of the country’s national culture and change the ministry to an income-making organ. In this program, deputy minister of information and culture for publication affairs Abdul Manan Shiwayee Sharq, deputy minister of information and culture for finance, administrative and tourism Sayeda Mojgan Mostafavi and deputy minister of information and culture for youth affairs Dr. Edris Alokozay delivered their deputy ministries’ works and achievements to the media.

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