MoPH, UN Call For Preventing Committing Suicide And Self-Immolation

Saturday, September 13, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Marking World Suicide Preventing Day in a ceremony organized by the ministry for public health, World Health Organization (WHO) and UN Population Fund office within the ministry for women affairs called for prevention of self-immolation and committing suicide. It was said at the ceremony that more than 800,000 persons lose their lives annually due to committing suicide in the world and majority of the victims with ages ranging from 15 to 29. Speaking at the conference the WHO representative in Afghanistan said that the number of those losing live due to committing suicide is more than the number of those killed due to war annually. The official added that one person dies due to committing suicide in each 40 second, calling for taking political and legal action to control the problem in Afghanistan. Dr. Najia Tariq the deputy to public health ministry in her speech at the conference said since beginning this year some 4466 cases of poisoning with pills and 707 cases of self-immolation had been registered in Kabul’s hospitals and 4136 cases of self-immolations had been registered in 30 provinces of the country of these 166 had lost their lives. Majority of those attempted to self-immolation or committing suicide are women, she added.

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