NATO: We Stand Ready to Further Adjust Our Presence in Afghanistan in line with our conditions based approach

Kabul (BNA) NATO in a statement reported that our position has not changed, we are carrying out our train, advise and assist mission in current configuration, with a headquarters in Kabul and our regional commands.

BNA quoting the statement reported, we are helping the Afghan security forces in their efforts towards lasting peace and ensuring that Afghanistan never again becomes a safe haven for international terrorism, the statement added.

NATO continues to support the Afghan peace process and as part of the peace process, we stand ready to further adjust our presence, in line with our conditions-based approach, the statement further added.

In the months ahead, we will continue to assess our presence based on conditions on the ground. NATO Defense Ministers will discuss our presence in Afghanistan at their meeting in February. Whatever path we choose, it is important that we do so together, in a coordinated and deliberate way, the statement concluded.

The US had already stated that they would reduce their presence in Afghanistan to 2,500 troops.

They also made clear that they would continue to provide their enablers to Resolute Support Mission.



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