Nawroz Celebrations Among Baloch Community

Wednesday, February 19, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Observance of the historic festival of Nawroz and spring session have always considered as reborn of the nature, reintegration of human society, coherence and a platform for reintegration and solidarity among the inhabitants of Nawroz zone countries.
Afghanistan is among those nations where the people have celebrated the event with special zeal and enthusiasms over the course of history and even in the Persian literatures, the significance of Nawroz festival has been reflected and there are several couplets and poetries which have been narrated by the poets, intellectuals, cultural dignitaries regarding the feature of Nawroz and impacts on the social life of the human community.
Though celebrations vary, people generally gather together to welcome the coming of spring, people wear colored clothes and dance together.
It’s really a great honor for Afghanistan to host next spring’s international Nawroz festival with the participation of heads of state from Nawroz zone countries.
Undoubtedly, this will convey a positive image from Afghanistan to the world in the view of current sensitive political and security scenario of the country.
Government of Islamic republic of Afghanistan as part of its friendly bilateral and diplomatic relations with the neighboring and ultra-regional countries prepares to host 1393 Nawroz festival in Paghman hill a district of Kabul province.
The Nawroz festival is celebrated in Afghanistan with different traditions among various Afghan ethnicities and races.
In exclusive interview with the Kabul Times Correspondent, Rahila Blaoch said, “Nawroz celebration is the celebration of nature by the human community and people in various countries marks this day in different style in Afghanistan and central Asian regions, so Baloch people also celebrate the day with special fervor,”
“If talk about the celebrations and festival, no nation in the world and no tribes is without special festivals and they have owned their own particular tradition, culture and style, we can divide festival of every nation from different dimensions such as religious festival, national festivals, historic celebrations of evens and farmer festival which is very famous in Afghanistan,” she added.
“Afghanistan is consisting of different cultures and communities, Baloch people mostly live in the provinces of Balkh, Helmand, Nimroz and Herat they have their own particular cultures and life styles, Baloch community mark Nawroz with special zeal and joy,” she further said.
“Baloch people cook special foods on eve of Nawroz and they spend long night in relatives’ homes and get enjoyment of spring season.
“Baloch people prefer to visit their loved ones and relatives on first day of Nawroz festival and they exchange gifts and express their good wishes to each other, if there are some disagreements between the relatives, they establish peace and forget the past and start a new era of relationships and harmony,” Ms. Baloch stated, “Samanak festival is also one of the important aspects of Nawroz celebrations.”
I hope that the people of Afghanistan welcome the New Year with the blessings of Allah under the peaceful environment and brotherhood.
In-fact the historic and cultural events in the world represent the civilization and culture of a nation and it describes the way of life, religious perceptions and other important aspects of social life.
Marking the historic events in real sense in an attempt to avoid influence of other cultures and preserve the tradition of particular people and the country.

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