New Year; Afghan People Hopes and Wishes/Commentary

Sunday March 22, 2020
Kabul (BNA) 1398 Afghan solar calendar year passed with all its ups and downs, the people of Afghanistan welcoming the New Year (Afghan Calendar) looking forward with great hopes.
BNA analyst commenting on the issue writes, Afghan people have passed 1398 with its all challenges and start New Year with full of hopes and wishes.
Explosions, suicide attacks, killing innocent civilians, as before intervention of external factors in Afghanistan’s war and double policies of foreigners have caused that thousands people lost their lives and wounded in last year in Afghanistan.
The policy and the viewpoints of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on forming a regional and beyond regional gathering on Afghan issue realized and the voice for ensuring security, political sessions in presence and non–presence of state representatives inside or outside of the country held and there is commitment for continuing the process. Without doubt the current opportunities are a part of state’s programs and comments for forming an opportunity for conducting a national and international gathering on Afghan issue.
Despite of holding presidential election during 1398 in Afghanistan, but the result of the election announced after five months.
Peace negotiation between US and Taliban have signed in Doha in 1398 as well.
Afghanistan during the last year succeeded to save itself from commercial monopolies and transit through only the soil of one country, air corridors increased and for assessing alternative transit roads fundamental works performed. There are also great achievements in education, higher education, economic and cultural areas. In spite of those achievements, 1297 was a challenging year from security point of view. During the year the conflicts became more serious, because armed groups tried hard via conducting military provocations find a proper place on political ground.
But this conception and poor view point took the lives of a great number of Afghan youths from the both sides of the conflict and achieving peace and security remained as a hope for the New Year.
The people hope the armed oppositions to start the New Year as the people expect and spare no any effort for settling via conducting political peace talks.
Also the people expect the authorities of government besides focusing their attention for ensuring security situation, should try to fulfill commitments for improving the people’s lives.
1397 in addition of having serious security problems, poverty and other social violence seriously suffered our people. 
The people hope the New Year be the end of all problem and violence that our people have experienced last year.

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