Nimroz Governor Visits Government Hospital

 Tuesday, November 02, 2021

Zaranj (BNA) The governor of Nimroz visited the government hospital in Zaranj yesterday.

Nimroz Governor Mullah Abdul Khaliq Abed visited the provincial government hospital yesterday to improve health services and patients’ problems.

According to BNA reporter; director of Nimroz public health, Mullah Abdullah Abdullah, pointed out the problems of the health department, especially the lack of doctors, staff and medicine at the hospital.

The governor of Nimroz said: “The best people are those who benefit others and you are the backbone doctors of our society.”

He added: “The problems of health workers and hospitals will be addressed as soon as possible, and the officials of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan will defend your individual rights at Nimroz province.”

It is worth mentioning that the governor of Nimroz visited the patients in the hospital bed and wished them well.


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