“No Economic Growth Sans Agricultural Development,” President Ghani

Tuesday, August 09, 2016
Kabul (BNA) President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani met with candidates of the provincial directorates of the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock here in presidential palace the other day, a statement said.
According to presidential statement, at the outset the Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation &Livestock spoke related to hiring process mechanism at the ministry, adding that out of the 209 participants, 97 of which shortlisted and 37 were succeeded to take their new positions in the 33 provinces of the country. According to the minister, 70 percent of the candidates holding Master degree which is equivalent to the positions.
Abdul Saboor Rahmani and Tawhid Ali representing others spoke and asked the president to further pave the way for employment of the young generation in government affairs, pledging to work hard in fight against corruption and boosting the agricultural sector.
After hearing the report of the MAIL Minister and the speeches of the participants, the President thanked the candidates for their readiness toward serving the nation. The president said that without economic growth, Afghanistan would not be able to see developments, asking the provincial directors to work hard as the country’s security forces doing in the first line of combat against the terrorists.
Hinting to agricultural interconnectivity with people’s life, the president said the main agricultural projects needed to be implemented and the new officials must use their knowledge and responsibility in such affairs. The president went on saying that the natural resources must be utilized effectively, adding that with inauguration of the water dams and better management of the country’s waters such as Salma dam, millions cubic of waters would be saved. The president instructed the officials of the MAIL to further listen to farmers’ demands and proposals as well as bolster ties with them. “The fundamental relation must be established among central and provincial directorates. The overall efforts would bring positive changes,” the president said. The president said that agriculture makes the government’s top priority, adding that environment must be provided for the farmers so that to reduce youth coming to major cities.

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