Only Afghans Can Decide About their Country: NSA Mohib

Kabul (BNA) Addressing a press conference here yesterday afternoon, National Security Adviser of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Dr. Hamdullah Mohib, said that only Afghans can make decisions about their country.

Talking to reporters during the press conference which was also attended by the officials of the Ministries of defense and interior as well as the National Directorate of Security, NSA Mohib said that any solution plans regarding Afghanistan should be cleared and shared with the Afghan government.

“Any proposals regarding interim or transitional government won’t end the ongoing sufferings,” he told reporters.

NSA Mohib also said that the Afghan government has taken sufficient steps to achieve peace and that the representatives of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan are currently waiting for the Taliban to come to the negotiating table in Doha, but the group was not interested to the talks.

NSA Mohib said that Taliban were implementing foreign agendas in the country, as according to him the group has provided the opportunity for thousands of foreign terrorists to engage in destructive activities in the country.

NSA Mohib added that after signing of the peace deal with the United States, the Taliban group has gathered all its forces to weaken people’s morale and increase their attacks across the country, which according to him, Kabul has remained their main focus to achieve these goals.

The National Security adviser stressed that the Taliban must stop their terrorist acts that have economically affected people in different provinces, adding Afghan government believes that only negotiation could end the ongoing war.

Meanwhile, officials of security organs assured people of their coordination and cooperation to eliminate terror outfits and foil their vicious goals.

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