People’s Welcome To Government’s Work Key Staple of Good Governance, Massoud

Sunday May 29, 2016

Kabul (BNA) Special envoy of President on reforms and good governance Ahmad Zia Massoud met yesterday with the people of Parwan’s Bagram district.
During his visit with the people of Bagram district, special envoy to President discussed key political, security, economic and social issues including delivering equal services and implementation of development programs such as electricity. Addressing the people of Bagram, special envoy to President said that electricity was the first requirement of life for today’s human beings and the government should adopt practical and implementing measures for fair distribution of the electricity, adding that those protesting in connection with implementation of projects should consider technical issues and let national projects to be executed. In response to request of representatives of Parwan related to formation of a commission for burying Amir Habibullah Khan Kalakani, special envoy to President asserted that the former king also deserved to be respected and have an honorable grave as other elders of the country; therefor, he was supporting the people’s decisions in this regard. In his speech, Massoud while praising the people of Parwan for their works in defending national sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country during jihad and resistance, bringing peace and stability, consolidation of sovereignty and presence in national processes such as elections said: participation of tribes should be equal in big political issues and national decisions of the government. Special envoy to President insisted that closeness of government with nation was one of his good governance’s missions; saying that he was making effort that the country’s all citizens should participate in national decisions of the government.

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