Pistachio’s Yield Increasing In Baghlan

Wednesday August 26, 2015

Kabul (BNA) Baghlan that is one of the significant agricultural provinces in the northeast zone of the country has constituted 300 hectare of the natural forests and more than 20 thousands of these forests have been grown pistachio.
Mohammad Yousuf Aimaq who is the director of the natural source and forest of the agricultural department of the Baghlan province expressed his view, saying that the Baghlan province has numerous pistachio forests. The Nahrin, Tala-Barfak, Danaghori, Pelikhomri and Doshi-Barka which are accounted from the Baghlan province’s districts are having numerous pistachio forests, which can play a fundamental role on the enhancement of pistachio’s yields with a special quality in the world market. But fortunately the pistachio yields in the recent years have been increasing in a satisfactory manner. Aimaq has described that in the past year the pistachio yields selling has shown considerable revenue from the 1000 ton to seventy millions.
These total harvested yields are gathered from the forest safeguarding, gardening and agriculturists committee. Aimaq has stated that the pistachio yields have been increased as a result of the climate suitable conditions such as the winter and spring training. It is explained that the safeguarding committee has also played an effective role on the improving of the forests which are protected by the safeguarding committee which has been established for this purpose. It is a good idea that the people should be given knowledge and accurate information, because it can prevent some individuals who are willing to destroy and cut the forests. So these measures can bring a positive result in the boosting of the pistachio’s yields in this country. He said it is our responsibility to pay permanent attention over the preservation of the forests. But now it is necessary to further conserve on the pistachio forests.  Without serious attention the pistachio forests would be changed into ruined places. Aimaq has told that fortunately the pistachio’s yields have been raised in a considerable manner in this year than the past.
Therefore, the pistachio gardeners are very pleased of such increasing in this field. So the pistachio gardeners are expecting the National Unity Government to provide the ground that their pistachio productions should be exported to the foreign countries with suitable prices. At the present time, as a result of lack of the suitable market, their productions are sold in a very low price. A number of the pistachio merchants have expressed their views, saying that the prices of Afghanistan pistachio are expensive and it has numerous buyers than the other countries, because it is showing that the Afghanistan pistachio yields have good quality with a good popularity in the national and international market. The agricultural officials in the Baghlan province have stated that at the present time the pistachio yields are exported in the neighboring and foreign countries such as India, United State of America and other countries. It is the government’s obligation and the national merchants to focus their attention to provide the ground that the harvested pistachio yields should be exported to the foreign markets. Based on these efficient initiatives the economic would be expanded in a good level. Ahmed Farid one of the Kabul citizens has explained that as I realized the pistachio forests have given considerable yields as a result of the continued cooperation in this respect. If the local people are given a good knowledge concerning the importance of the pistachio, preventing them from the cutting of the forests, Afghanistan would be changed into a trading center in connection with the dried fruits. He stated that the pistachio’s yields have been raised with a good quality in the Kabul city and the provinces. It is expected that the National Unity Government should try to expand the pistachio’s yields, providing the ground to export the pistachio in the foreign markets because it has a good quality than other countries. Karima Malikzada

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