Political Deputy PM Meets Turkish Ambassador to Kabul

Kabul (BNA) Mawlavi Abdul Kabir, Political Deputy Prime Minister of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan met with Cihad Erginay, the Turkish ambassador to Kabul, today.
According to BNA report, in the meeting, the Turkish ambassador said, we have provided the necessary assistance to the refugees and displaced persons through Red Crescent and the assistance continues.
Erginay provided information on the continuation of TiKA Institute activities, saying that his country is assisting the Ministry of Agriculture with improved seeds and that the work of construction projects funded by Turkey in Kandahar, Herat and Kajaki district is continuing.
The Turkish ambassador noted that Turkish investors are interested in investing in Afghanistan and will travel to Afghanistan in the coming weeks.
Mawlvi Abdul Kabir by calling the relations between Afghanistan and Turkey long-standing and friendly said: “Turkey has always wanted a united Afghanistan.
Afghanistan needs the help and cooperation of all countries, especially Turkey, and we want Turkey to invest more in Afghanistan, Mawlavi Abdul Kabir added.
He appreciated the activities of TiKA Institute in Afghanistan and asked for more help from this organization.
He added that women work in various departments, including the passport department, the airport and the health sector, and that girls ‘schools are active in most provinces, and girls’ schools across the country will reopen next year with the completion of a new curriculum.

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