Preservation of Antiquities and Mines is a Priority for the Officials of the Islamic Emirate in Badghis

Badghis (BNA) Preservation of historical monuments and mines in Badghis is a priority for the officials of the Islamic Emirate in that province.

Qari Shamsuddin, the head of mines of the province, during a visit to the two mines in the Laman Valley of Badghis says that the protection of historical monuments and mines in Badghis is more important for the officials of that province.

He said that by extracting coal mines in Laman Valley, the problems of the people of Badghis will be solved in terms of fuel consumption, and even the coal of these mines can be exported outside the province.

He added that Badghis province has many mines in the districts and the center that need to be protected and we are committed to protecting it.

He says that people should also pay attention to the preservation of antiquities that are related to the history and culture of the people.


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