President Ghani Meets Turkmen Counterpart

Monday, September 18, 2017

September 18, 2017
Kabul (BNA) President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani warmly welcomed by his Turkmen counterpart at the sideline of the Asian Game inauguration ceremony, the other day, BNA reported.
Turkmen president, Qurban Quli Berdi Mohammadov said he was very happy to meet the Afghan president in his country once again and that he supported Afghan sportspersons more than his country’s athletes, the agency said.
“Today we attend the inauguration ceremony of the first ever Asian Game held in Turkmenistan, where more than hundred Afghan athletes take part in the great event,” said the agency quoting the Turkmen president.
He noted that this was a common festival of both Afghanistan, Turkmenistan and the region.
“When I accepted the fifth round of the Asian Game, up to 19 countries and 17 sport fields have attended the event, but as a result of the friendly relations between us and the regional countries, the number of the attending countries raised to 64 and the number of sport fields reached to 21,” Mohammadov added. “You are my brother and I am happy for your attendance in the program.”
The country’s president, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani also congratulated his Turkmen counterpart for his country’s great achievements in the areas of economic and sport development and said the slogan of sports was what, all the regional and world countries gather around.
The president lauded his Turkmen counterpart for his country’s positive impartial policy and said the competition was unique in the region and is an achievement and proud for both the region and Asia, that show the firm will of Turkmenistan and would lay lasting impact on the regional and world completions.
The president also congratulated his Turkmen counterpart for his sustainable achievements, particularly in well construction of the Airport terminal and sport complex and said the people of Turkmenistan and the entire future and regional generations would utilize the facilities.
He said: “Happiness of the Turkmen people is happiness of the Afghan people,” said the president hoping the Afghan athletes could shine well in the competition.
President Ghani said long historical relations between the two countries was behind his attendance in the competitions.
“Your vision about economy in Turkmenistan future foreign policy as well as our cultural relation with Afghanistan was really hopeful,” said the president.
Thanking the Turkmen president for inviting him to attend the great event, President Ghani said: “You have good intention towards our sportspersons and we have also good intention about your sportsmen.”

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