President Ghani Undergoes Prostate Surgery in Kabul

Kabul (BNA) President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani ended prostate surgery in Kabul on Tuesday and is in good health, according to officials.

The 71-year-old Afghan President underwent surgery at the Sardar Mohammad Daud Khan Hospital in Kabul on Tuesday evening.

President Ghani tweeted, that the operation was successful, and thanked all the doctors at the hospital.

“This evening, I had a successful prostate operation at the Shaheed Sardar Mohammad Daud Khan Hospital”, President Ghani added the operation was conducted by professional and experienced doctors.

He also thanked all the doctors and nurses of the hospital.

Senior Advisor at the office of President Shahussain Murtazawi, describes his condition well and added that President Ghani was discharged on Wednesday.

“The president’s trust in the government hospital and doctors in this land is a sign of national trust and confidence,” Murtazawi wrote on his tweeter account.

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