Progress On Women Rights Should Be Preserved, President Karzai

Wednesday, May 08, 2013
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai met with some members of women network and civil foundations, his office said yesterday.
At the meeting that took place at the Presidential Palace, Mahbuba Seraj and Suraya Subbrang representing others said that marked progress has been achieved in ensuring women rights in the past one decade.
They called president Karzai’s role in this respect as outstanding and emphasized the need that the law on preventing violence against women should be strictly implemented in the country, and precise preventive measures should be taken with respect to desert wild trial and stoning of women and their merciless killing should be stopped. 
They also called for formation of special courts and attorney offices to legally pursue violence against women in the provinces. 
They also asked the president to facilitate membership of woman in the Supreme Court and two women as deputy attorney general.
The president after earning the view and proposal of the members of the network and civil foundation and touching on progress in women participation in different areas, said that we are entering into a new phase of our life, and the achieved progress should preserved and the obstacles on the path of women progress should be tackled with the cooperation of the country’s religious scholars, tribal influential and elders so that better atmosphere is created for the women. 
Touching on some important national issues, he noted that implementation of Constitution and holding of presidential elections can lead towards stability in the country.

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