RECCA is a Good Opportunity for Explaining the Current Situation of the Region: Commentary

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Kabul (BNA) RECCA or the Regional Economic Cooperation session started in Ashgabat the capital of Turkmenistan yesterday. Afghanistan was the focus of debates there.
BNA political and economic analyst commenting on the issue writes RECCA is a diplomatic initiative that formed in 2015 by effort of Afghanistan aiming to establish common regional cooperation among the countries of the region.
RECCA session planned exactly in a time, regional rivalries on Afghanistan were shaping, fortunately, the participants of RECCA session attracted the world community attention to Afghanistan and instead of rivalries provided the ground for regional cooperation and coordination.
RECCA during the last twelve years has conducted its sessions for achieving that goal and always insisted on regional sessions for settling regional problems particularly Afghan problem.
Political experts welcoming the objectives and programs of RECCA insist that the current situation in the region and Afghanistan is much different from the situation of 12 years ago, regional rivalries accelerated and proxy war of various countries enflamed in battle fields of Afghanistan.  The smut and vile games conducted by a number of countries of region especially Pakistan have led to further tension of the region which is much different from  2005.
When RECCA established everybody believed that Taliban is a terrorist group and follows the Al-Qaida objectives in the region and the world, but Pakistan today introduces this terrorist group as an exclusive Afghan group and seducing some other countries try to further worsen the situation in Afghanistan.
Regretfully, a number of countries in RECCA session in one way or another have role in creating further tension, while the aim of RECCA is establishing a close economic cooperation in the region.
Afghan people advice to the participants of RECCA session is that they should believe that the economic growth and establishing common interests between Afghanistan and the region restore peace and stability in to the region. Meanwhile, it is required for Afghan diplomatic organs and the Afghan delegation in the session to inform the participants of the conference that the activities of Taliban and other terrorist groups are not exclusive to Afghanistan but they are the main factor of insecurity and tension in the region and prevent regional cooperation and coordination and lead RECCA toward working for achieving its goal this is establishing a true regional economic cooperation.
Abdul Khalil Minawi
BNA Director General 

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