Returning Taliban Islamic-e-Emirate Is Impossible/Political Analysis

Tuesday March 10, 2020
Kabul (BNA) Russia and US by releasing a joint statement emphasized that they are no advocate for returning of Islamic-e-Emirate leading by Taliban group in Afghanistan.
Taliban regime (Islamic-e-Emirate) has been established at the middle of 1996 and collapsed after US forces attacks at 2001.
Recently, particularly during US-Taliban negotiation in Doha, Taliban are trying to appear as followers of Islamic-e-Emirate in every meeting, but US and media called them as Taliban negotiators.
After signing US-Taliban peace agreement, Taliban fighters are hopeful to re-establish Islamic-e-Emirate, but despite of recent political development their hope is not stable.
Government of Afghanistan, politicians, political parties, political activists and people emphasized that Islamic Republic is not changeable and unacceptable and there is no discussion about changing form and content of system of the country.
Iran neighbor of Afghanistan that it has been said the country have relation and support Taliban group explicitly expressed opposition regarding returning of Islamic-e-Emirate and emphasized that Taliban should be a part of power in the future of Afghanistan political, not all power.
Central Asian Countries also expressed their concerns over returning of Islamic-e-Emirate and emphasized on fighting against terrorism and extremism and exporting extremism to their countries.
India called that Islamic-e-Emirate is a Pakistan’s plan and expressed concern over establishing Islamic-e-Emirate and strengthening extremism in Afghanistan.
China another neighbor of Afghanistan also is the opposite of establishing Islamic-e-Emirate.
Meanwhile, EU and US also expressed their concern over increasing terrorism and establishing Islamic-e-Emirate in Afghanistan.
Political experts says, by signing US-Taliban peace agreement in Doha, Taliban fighters were thinking for re-establishing Islamic-e-Emirate, but recent joint statement released by Russia and US frustrated their plan.
US and Russia by releasing a 12 articles joint statement emphasized that international community and United National officially don’t recognize Taliban Islamic-e-Emirate and re-establishing of the movement.
The joint statement welcomed US-Taliban peace agreement, but commitment to cooperate with Afghanistan government, political leaders, civil society activists and also Taliban for reaching a comprehensive peace, stability and security in the country.
In the statement, US and Russia also expressed that continued support and financial aids to Afghanistan government will be conditional to protect of rights of all Afghans including women, youth and minorities.
So, despite of decisiveness of Afghanistan people, concerns and emphasizes of international community, returning Islamic-e-Emirate is impossible.

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