Sanctions to Help Strengthen Peace Efforts in Afghanistan: NSA Mohib

Kabul (BNA) National Security Advisor Hamdullah Mohib has said that sanctions could help strengthen efforts for peace in Afghanistan and pressurize the Taliban to decline violence, according a statement on Friday.

Mohib expressed the view during a video call meeting with members of the UN Sanction Committee in which he provided briefing over UN Security Council 1988 sanctions on the Taliban.

Mohib congratulated Indian for taking charge of leading the Security Council Sanction Committee and Norway, Kenya, Ireland and Maxico for the membership of the committee.

Mohib said: “The Taliban have increased violence against Afghan government and the Taliban and this urge is unprecedented. They withdraw from the table of talks, conducted trips, broke promises, return to the battle field after release from the prison.”

He stressed UN Security Council sanctions are vital curbing Taliban’s violence and helping peace process.

He pledged that Afghanistan will work with all partners to make sure that sanctions helped strengthened peace efforts in Afghanistan and stopped the Taliban from increasing violence.

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