Security Meeting Held in Badakhshan

Faizabad (BNA) A security meeting chaired by Mawlavi Nisar Ahmad Ahmadi, Deputy Governor of Badakhshan Province, was held yesterday to discuss important security issues in the center and districts of the province.

Mawlavi Nisar Ahmad Ahmadi, Badakhshan deputy governor and acting governor, told BNA that the meeting focused on security issues in the border districts of Badakhshan.

Moazuddin Ahmadi, Director of Information and Culture of Badakhshan, said that under the guidance of the Deputy Governor of Badakhshan, a delegation from four relevant departments, including the head of the Court of Appeal, will travel to Ishkashim, Sheghnan and Maimi districts to investigate security problems in those districts present at the next meeting, on which a decision will be made later.

He said that Mawlavi Nisar Ahmad Ahmadi had instructed the intelligence and security departments to make every effort to ensure the security of the citizens of the province so that our poor and suffering people could calmly take care of their daily affairs.


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