Security of National Businessmen and Senior Officials of the Former Government Must be Ensured: Acting Minister of Interior

Kabul (BNA) The Acting Interior Minister stressed the need to improve security in Kabul.

According to BNA report,  Sirajuddin Haqqani, the Acting Minister of Interior, met with the security chiefs of Kabul and stressed that security in the capital should be ensured and the detainees should be treated according to Islamic law.

Acting of the Ministry of Interior, Sirajuddin (Haqqani), attended the closing ceremony of a training seminar for security personnel after the closing ceremony and issued the necessary instructions to the Kabul security officials,” the Interior Ministry said in a statement issued today.

Emphasizing the need for security and a safe environment for Kabulis, Haqqani said the security of foreign diplomats, charities, national businessmen and senior officials of the former government and government in the capital must be ensured, and called on security officials to treat all their clients well. Do not close your doors to anyone, respect the clergy, tribal elders and influential people and take care of their problems.

He also advised Kabul security officials to treat detainees legally in accordance with Islamic law and not to detain them for more than a certain period of time.

He also stressed the need to implement the amnesty decree of Amir al-Momenin to protect the security of all citizens, especially the residents of Kabul, and called on security personnel to perform their religious duties.


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