Seminar On “Ghazni The Capital of Islamic Culture” Held

Saturday, December 15, 2012
Kabul (BNA) A seminar on “Ghazni the capital of Islamic culture” was held in Kabul the other day. 
President Hamid Karzai in his message readout at the seminar by Nabi Farahi the deputy to ministry for information and culture stated,” It is a matter of pride that Ghazni has obtained the status of capital of Islamic culture in 2013. 
In the message, the president noted that preserving historic monuments is jour responsibility and we have to safeguard them from destruction.
The president in the message also urged the national traders to back the ministry for information and culture in preservation of cultural heritages.
In the seminar organized by Ustad Ghulam Jilani Jalali cultural foundation and attended by officials, lawmakers and researchers, Ali Ahmad Jalai in his article said that pre-Ghaznavi and post-Ghaznavi dynasty is a rich civilized region. 
The seminar concluded with a resolution which calls for preservation of historic monuments, seeking UNESO support in returning Afghan stolen artifacts and collection of articles on Ghazni by the ministry of information and culture.

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