Sparking Violence Is Not The Way Of Reacting Against Evil Act Of The Enemies

Tuesday, September 18, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Therefore, one should not become a means in the hand of the enemy and spark violence; the extremists in the west enjoy it.
Conducting Demonstrations against a film which insults the great prophet of Islam is the Right of all Afghan people, but using the demonstration is a means of destruction and violence is a crime.
Indisputably, no Muslim found in Islamic world to tolerate scorn against the great prophet of Islam. Without doubt he/she shows reaction, but the reaction and demonstrations should be based on Islamic principles and enforced laws of the country.
Violating the demonstration and setting fire on shops and destroying the properties of the people are worst than what the extremists and anti- Islamic elements committed in the west. 
The followers of sacred Islam commence their actions with mercy of God and end with same purpose. Wisely dealing of Muslims to the events requires, deeply understanding Islam and the traditions of the great prophet.
The radicals and extremist orthodox produced an evil film against all humane criteria, but we here, reacting against that inhuman action, burn the shops and target police and security personnel, in this way provide the opportunity for insurgents and opportunists to use the pure feeling of our patriots against our homeland and religion.
Of course, performing such actions are not deserved to a Muslim, because the conscious of man should judge that, where and who did produce the film and where we set on fire the shops and the properties of the people and depict an image of violence and sedition which is against the principles of our sacred religion and enforced laws of the country.
Non- respecting the law is a fault and non- awareness of the law is also a fault.
Such insufficiencies, often lead to violence and killing of people and destruction of properties in demonstrations and just the enemies of get benefit from it. Islam and the traditions of our great prophet never accept violence and reject it entirely.
Based on the above reasons and because of Islamic teachings and the traditions of the great prophet, Hamid Karzai  the president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Afghan parliament, the human rights commission of Afghanistan and religious scholars of the country severely condemned that heinous action of western’s extremists and based on founding principles of Islam and relevant laws of the country asked the people to show their feelings via holding demonstration and gatherings and be careful not to trap in the snare of extremists and insurgents who have no aim but creating tension and violence.

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