State-Run Media Ought To Improve Quality: Massoud

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Kabul (BNA) The special envoy of president on reforms and good governance Ahmad Zia Massoud said yesterday that the government-run media should be standardized and improve its quality.
He made the remarks in meeting with deputy of publication for the ministry of information and culture, Sayeda Mojgan Mostafavi.
Exchanging views on bringing reforms in printing, audiovisual publications and improving their quality, Zia Massoud noted that by standardizing the state-owned media we can inform people about government achievements.
“We need a cultural policy, therefore we need to form a working group composed of officials from the ministry of information and culture and office of president’s special envoy on reforms and good governance,” Massoud asserted.
Speaking in the meeting, Mojgan Mostafavi said that the role of media is important, adding if investment is done on state-owned media and even one percent of annual budget is allocated to media outlet of the government, the government definitely would win psychological war against armed opponents. To achieve the goal for good governance, the latter has to support state-run media, Mostafavi pointed out.
According to another report, Zia Massoud held meeting with director of UNFPA here yesterday and exchanged views on matters relating bilateral interests.

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