Strong Will For Law Enforcement On Powerful Figures, President Ahmadizai

Monday, October 13, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Dr. Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan met yesterday with members of Paiwand-e-Mili Party led by al-Hajj Sayed Mansour Nadiri and a number of religious Ulema, elders, influenced figures and youth of different provinces of the country. According to presidential press office to BNA, in the meeting held at the Presidential Palace, President of the country delivered speech and said, “It’s time to gradually fulfill those pledges I’ve promised to Afghan people.
The people of Afghanistan want us to make an Afghanistan where one Afghan is equal with another and it’s my promise and commitment to the people to equalize one Afghan to another Afghan.”
“I don’t want to be stuck at the Presidential Palace and hunted by flatterers,” President Ahmadzai added.
The President also said, “A person came to me the other day to honor me a title. I told him not to honor me by such titles now, honor me by a title when I will have really served the people of Afghanistan and bury me beside Sayed Jamaluddin Afghan or in forefathers’ cemetery in Surkhab village after I pass away.”
President of the country further said despite that the start of work was full of problems and equality of all Afghans and equal implementation of law on them meant that law should be enforced in the country. The President asserted, “I hope it has been proved to you that your President has strong will related to enforcement of law on powerful figures.”
“Last Friday was a happy day for me because I held a telephone conversation with a father of a child aged eight freed by Afghan security forces from kidnappers, Dr. Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai said, adding I’d instructed the security forces for saving the kidnapped child, so the child was saved by Afghan security forces in one single day.”
The President asserted he warned the kidnappers not to jeopardize the life of children, traders and people of the country as they would be chased and targeted.
Pointing out related to improvement of national parties in the country, the country’s President said, “We will provide the improvement ways to national parties in the country. It’s our duty to prepare 20 people for presidential office and hundreds others for ministries and governors’ posts during the coming five years.”
Dr. Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai said that their neighbors should know that their national unity would never put under question.
The President said as his last word, “I’ve risen from among Afghan people and will be always among them.”

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