TAPI Project Adds $1b Annually To National Budget

Monday, May 02, 2016

Kabul (BNA) The first awareness giving conference on “Importance of TAPI project Implementation” was recently held with the presence of Herat and Farah local authorities, deputy ministers of Afghanistan, Turkmenistan foreign minister, deputy minister of mines and petroleum security authorities and local people. In believe of economic experts, implementation of TAPI project is an important step in the direction of economic self-sufficiency and reduction of financial dependence to other countries.
Saifuddin Saihoon an economic expert said, “Although the main goal of this project is transferring of gas to Pakistan and India but Afghanistan can also supply gas through this pipeline. Therefore increase of national budget, improvement of employment and economic self-sufficiency and reduction of government budget deficit are among those parameters that would be possible by implementation of TAPI project and ultimately improves economic development of the country. Afghanistan would earn US $ one billion via transit fee of this project and twelve thousands employment opportunities will be created.
Basier Ahmadi economic expert said, “Implementation of TAPI project means that coordination of regional countries can cause economic development, public welfare, security, expansion of cooperation and trust among regional nations as wells central and southern Asian people. Beside regional importance, implementation of this project remains direct and indirect impacts on our neighboring especially Islamic Republic of Iran.
He emphasized that TAPI is not an alternative project but it is energy demand in South Asia in the next 20 years that even several TAPI projects would not be capable to meet their energy needs.
Our citizens called TAPI as one of the biggest economic projects in the region said, “Today TAPI has proved that plays rules must be equal in the regional and every country want to have share in this projects and use its advantages.
Shahed a student of a private university said, “This project should not be faced problems in the future. The involved countries should study all its aspects. It could bring many advantages to involved countries.
Mokhtar Ahmad a resident of Kabul said, “Security is one of the main discussions for implementation of this project.
Shukria Kohistani

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