Two Members of Taliban Captured in Kabul

Kabul (BNA) Kabul police arrested two people who tried to assassinate a prosecutor.

According to BNA, Amrullah Saleh, first vice president, announced the arrest of the two men at a security meeting held yesterday morning.

Kabul police have reportedly arrested two motorcycle terrorists after an attack on a prosecutor’s office in the 21st district of Kabul.

The first vice president referred to the two men as Qari Harun and Ayub, and said they were members of the Taliban, photos and addresses of the other targets who were to be assassinated were obtained from the two men.

The Taliban have consistently denied involvement in targeted assassinations in recent days.

The first vice president also said that national security had arrested another man, Halimullah, who had brought a motorcycle full of explosives to Kabul and was planning to blow it up at a security police checkpoint.

Terrorist incidents and explosions caused by magnetic mines and targeted assassinations are the main concerns of Kabul residents. In the last ten days, 23 people have died in such incidents in Kabul.

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