UN: $5 Billion Needs for Afghanistan’ Humanitarian Crisis in 2022

Kabul (BNA) UN intergovernmental world organization pleads all involved donor countries $5 Billion US in combat current humanitarian catastrophe crisis in Afghanistan.

Martin Griffiths Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator humanitarian crisis is in Afghanistan is worse in ever century and the world must take practical step towards it he said if the world not act soon the mass of immigration will be all over and people of the country suffers if they not get the amount.

According to UN reports 22 million Afghans inside the country and 5 million other Afghans who immigrates to the neighboring countries are in need of urgent helps the organization predicates that in current year about 5 people in Afghanistan suffering malnutrition and needs of foodstuffs which around 1.1 million is children.

He said, from $5 billion, $4.4 billion will be used to prevent malnutrition and poverty and the rest $623 million US will be given to 40 UNCHR agencies to address to the situation of Afghans who already lift the country cause of the crisis.

The UN warned if the organization do not get the amount $5 billion requested it will be $10 billion US by next year.

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