UN Human Rights Commission Assures Longstanding Support To Afghan Women In 2013

Monday, October 29, 2012
Kabul (BNA) It’s expected that the UN Human Rights Commission announce its new strategy with respect to the protection of fundamental rights of the women in Afghanistan until the end of 2013. 
In a press release, the UN human rights commission has expressed concerns over the expected threat that could hinder protection of women rights in Afghanistan after 2014 following international troop’s pullout from the country.
In the announcement, the UN has predicted that decrease on international financial assistance to Afghanistan and lack of global focus on the Afghan situations could endanger human rights protection in the country after 2014. 
The UN announcement warmly welcomed by some parliamentarians and women rights activists.
The UN human rights organization also appreciated recent statement of US secretary of state Hilary Clinton in which she emphasized on formulating fresh strategy regarding protection of women rights in the country after 2014 and the UN has also recommended a number of important guidelines to honor women rights in Afghanistan after international troop withdrawal.
Meanwhile, Farkhunda Zahra Naderi parliament’s lawmakers rights and allowances commission member described the US secretary of state Hilary Clinton as one of the major activist of women rights and announced her strategy as one of the milestone endeavor on way of protecting women rights by 2014 foreign troop’s pullout.
Farkhunda also commented on election of women in formation of the Supreme Court and appreciated the concerned authorities of focusing on contribution of women in various spheres and strongly refused negative assertions on upcoming crisis in the country after 2014.
Beside the upper challenges, reports show that violence against women noticeably increased in the country and Afghanistan’s independent human rights commission has also recorded its apprehensions over the issue of violence on women in different parts of the country and has emphasized on legal and judicial organs to bring the culprits into justice.

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