United Nations Begun Process of Paying Monthly Salaries to Afghan Health Workers

Kabul (BNA) The United Nations says it has begun the process of paying monthly salaries to Afghan health workers.

The organization, in partnership with the Global Health Assistance Fund, has so far spent $ 8 million to pay the salaries of Afghan health workers.

It is said that this money will be used to pay the salaries of about 24,000 health workers in Afghanistan for at least a month.

The United Nations says it continues to work to ensure the rights of all health workers in Afghanistan and to prevent a health crisis in the country.

Following the economic crisis in Afghanistan, government employees have not received their monthly salaries and benefits for three months.

Recently, there have been protests from health workers at a number of medical centers in Afghanistan.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, however, says it is trying to pay the salaries and benefits of government employees.

The government blames the freezing of nearly $ 10 billion in foreign exchange reserves of Afghanistan by Western countries and the reduction of global aid on the main cause of the country’s economic crisis.


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