U.S. Approves $4bln Budget To ANSDF

Friday December 30, 2016
Kabul (BNA) In his recent days of government, the US President, Barack Obama, has approved $4.26billion budget to the Afghan National Security and Defensive Forces (ANSDF). Meanwhile, welcoming the US assistance to Afghan security forces, officials of the ministry for defense said, ‘the Afghan National Army needs US support to conduct counterterrorism operations throughout the country.’ Brig. Gen. Mohammad Radmanish, the deputy spokesperson to the ministry of defense said, ‘the Afghan security forces need the assistances of the international alliances, particularly the US and NATO for long, as currently, 80 percent of the MoD needs have been completed.’ The US and its international alliances have committed to completely solve the MoD needs by 2020, he further said. Calling the US assistances to Afghan security forces a must, a number of experts stressed that the ANSF not only needs the assistances of the international community particularly the Britain and US for now, but for long. Former deputy minister of interior and a military expert, Abdul Hadi Khalid said, ‘to ensure security in the country, the ANSF need the international assistances. We expect the international community to continue supporting the Afghan security forces, because, terrorism and narcotics are global phenomena that must be seriously fought.’
Jamal Farahmand, a veteran believes that the Afghan security forces are now capable enough to defend their country and countrymen, therefore, there is nothing to worry. But, what they need, is the international community financial and military support, he further said. Likewise, the assistances should be transparently spent, because, still existence of ‘ghost soldiers’ in ANA and ANP ranks is a matter of concern, he continued. Lauding the Afghan security forces braveries, lawmakers in the lower house of the parliament stressed on equipping and supporting of the ANSF by the government and international community. They believe that the ANSF must be equipped with modern and sophisticated weaponries so they can succeed against insurgents’ attacks. In fact, the Afghan security forces could successfully do their duties so far, but the only problem is that they have not yet professionally equipped and trained so be further able to defend against security threats and the Taliban attacks, the lawmakers pointed out. However, there are concerns on security situation in 1396, but the military experts believe that the Afghan security forces should not spare any efforts in conducting winter offensives to foil the enemies’ malicious designs. At the same time, Noorullah, a Kabul resident said that the Afghan security forces could obtain the people trust and proved their capability in fighting insurgents. Recently, to further strengthen the Afghan security forces, Russia, India and US have assisted in ground and air sections and delivered many warplanes and weapons to the government of Afghanistan.

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