Wildlife Poses Overthrowing

Saturday, December 27, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Exceptional geographical location, lovely climate, high mountains and forests as well as suitable beautiful mountain slopes of Afghanistan have together caused this country to be a safe haven for wildlife of unique animals and birds.
Wild animals including lion, leopard, tiger, bear, cats, wolf, fox, jackal, pig, monkey, turtle, Deer etc. plus different kinds of birds like hawk, eagle, owl etc.
According to  Professional deputy chief of Environment Protection Department (EPD) Ghulam Mohammad Malikyar “Afghanistan has been sheltering totally over 421 kinds of birds and over 200 kinds of native wild animals which have been accommodated in different parts and even lay eggs in some areas”.
Touching the overthrowing of wild life, Malikyar went on to say, “Excessive hunting of animals and birds, deforestation, destruction of animals, living areas, droughts and over three decades long devastating conflicts have caused  overthrowing of wild life in this country. Available reports with our department indicate that several kind of famous wild animals have disappeared in recent years in our country. For example during the drought years, a bird which was called (Qaz-e-Hussaini) or perhaps Goose were found in deserts and stagnated waters of Navah district, Ghazni province and reproduced and an animal called Caspian Tiger, but today disappeared. Cheetah was also available here but is today unique or cannot be found here, between 1996-1998 birds called white stork migrated from Siberia and flown over Afghanistan and regenerated in some parts. These birds were threatened and hunted and had been forced to change their itinerary or might have been annihilated.
Malikyar add, “We thought that some animals had totally been destroyed or facing overthrowing. As a result of our investigation and researches in recent years on wild animals and birds, we found that fortunately these animals are still alive including snow leopard and Marco polo Deer which are among unique and rare wild animals of Afghanistan sheltered in Badakhshan and are reproducing every year.
Talking on utilization of satellite, Malikyar said, “Last year, for the first time, EPD was able to use satellite and follow these animals (snow leopard) their accommodation, shelter, hideouts, medical condition and reproduction as well as existing threats to wild life. So far we managed to count 80 snow leopards and its imagined that over 200 snow leopards are moving in that area, but our survey is going on.
He added, “We found that different deer exist in central northern and southern Afghanistan. Beside that brown bear, Cheetah also can be found in Afghan- Iran borders which are accommodated in their main hideouts. For the first time the environment protection department managed to prepare the Red list of available animals, birds and plants but a number of wild animals are being threatened which include 138 kind birds and animals which their hunting or smuggling is prohibited according to presidential decree and strong punishment have been considered for it.
Malikyar went on to say, “In the last three years for the first time, Afghanistan started reproduction of birds with technical cooperation of NGOs whenever these young birds grown, they will be released to wild life.
There are ordinary storks IVO Amu River and Sayad area in Kapisa province which are facing serious threats. Despite of restrictions of EPD and partners, unfortunately our countrymen are involved in hunting and slaughter of these birds. The responsible organs have been requested to prevent hunting of these birds and animals.
While wild life is posing to different threats in Afghanistan, if certain measures and restrictions are not adopted, the environment will be facing serious challenges.

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