Youth Select Technology In Afghanistan

Monday, January 08, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Recently a number of Afghan youth have proceeded more to technology and learned a profession in this section.
In an interview with The Kabul Times reporter, a number of youth called working in the technology sector effective and saying that today, with the growth of the technology a large number of youth have interested to learn this business such as mobile repairing and computer programs.
Eng. Mirwais Sadiq one of the youth who is busy in a mobile repairing shop in Gulbahar center in the connection said that I had learnt necessary trainings in this section, and I am able to repair any kind of mobiles.
Sadiq, have enough experience in installation of computers and software as well repairing of computers and today he could solve the people’s problems through his profession.
Today, the people of Afghanistan more use Iphone and Galaxy mobiles and its spare parts can be find easily in any market and repairing shops, Sadiq stated.
Likewise, a large number of youths are busy in the markets such as Kote-Sangi, Pashtun market and Khair Khwa in repairing of computers and mobiles, where their number reaches to thousands.
According to Sadiq, he receives 30 to 60 thousand monthly income from his profession, so this profession is good for me.
Most of the mobile phones are said to be packed in Afghanistan, in this regard Ehsan, one of the mobile shop owners said that mobile phones are montaged in Afghanistan, but in private companies, and being sold by mobile shops.
Ajmal, another youth who learned this profession in Pakistan, now working in Kote Sangi market as senior mobile technician said that many youth have learnt this profession under my instruction and now they have their own mobile repairing shops in Kabul markets.
Today it is a matter of pleasure that a number of women also work beside men in mobile repairing shops in Kote Sangi, although their number is small, but there are courageous girls in this market which have cabins next to men’s shops.
They say that some people do not behave well with them, but they continue to work.
They say that the goal of this work is to serve the society, particularly the female. Owners of this workshop started their work with 70,000 Afghanis provided by the Afghan Women’s Empowerment Institute, but now they say they have financial problems and are worried about.
Despite of these problems, the workshop owners say that they are planning to open branches in different parts of Kabul and other provinces.

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