Zabul Governor, Provincial Council Members Meet Khalili

Monday, February 18, 2013
Kabul (BNA) The governor and some members of the provincial council of Zabul met with Mohammad Karim Khaili Second Vice-President discussing different problems, his office said yesterday.
During the meeting, while Zabul representatives at the parliament were present, Governor Mohammad Ashraf Naseri, asked for addressing the problems the people were facing in the province.
He added that the people face problems in health and education spheres, shortage of schools, reaching possibilities, and professional teachers and specialist doctors and adequate health care centers and considering the increase in the population we have to be responsive to the needs of the people in those areas.
They also drew the attention of Khalili towards shortage of electricity, potable water, inattention towards public roads, shortage of judicial employees, and non-attention of agriculture officials towards the farmers and provision of irrigation water as well as development projects in Zabul.
The asked upgrading of the existing tow hospitals in the province and for expansion of agriculture they proposed building of reservoir dams there.
The governor also sought the attention of the government towards security in the province including further strengthening of the security forces and their equipping.
Khalili appreciated the efforts of the people’s representatives at the parliament and the local authorities of Zabul province and thanked them for reflecting the problems of the province.
He called the local government in the province as very successful and assured them that the government will address their problems through the national preparedness committee and other related organs.  He also assured them that expansion of educational centers is the priority of the government.

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