Construction Companies’ Problems To Be Addressed, CE

Tuesday June 20, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Chief Executive, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah met yesterday with officials of a number of construction companies at Sapidar Palace in Kabul.
In the meeting, officials and representatives of the construction companies enumerated a range of problems facing the companies in the country and said they had constructed and renovated MoIA-related buildings and bases in very difficult situations, but no money had been paid so far. They said that they had repeatedly raised their voices and shared their problems with relevant officials, but there has been no positive outcome.
After hearing their problems, the country’s chief executive assured that such problems would be reviewed and addressed. He added he knew what problems the companies had and would soon instruct MoIA to legally address problems of the construction companies. According to another report, chief executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah met with Tajik ambassador to Kabul Sharafuddin Imam and discussed relations between the two countries.

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