Avalanche Claimed Lives of 6 People, Wounded 7

Monday February 16, 2015
Faizabad (BNA) At least 6 people lost their lives, 7 others wounded and 20 houses have been damaged following avalanches in Badakhshan province.
The first incident occurred in Kalfzar village, Yemgan district, while heavy snow came down on the residents.
Nawrouz Mohammad Haidari district governor of Yemgan told BNA, at least 6 people were killed and 7 others were injured in the incident.
According to the reports, the residents of the area are trying to rescue the people, those trapped under the snow so far.
Haidari said, Afghan security forces taken the injured of the incident to the hospital.
The second snow avalanche came down in Khash region of Yemgan district, which damaged 20 houses and there were no casualties among civilians.
It has been said, the family of the residents’ leaves their houses go to the neighbor villages and need humanitarian aids, Haidari added.
Local officials in the province said, road closed to transfer humanitarian aids for the affected families and officials started efforts to transfer the aids by Helicopter for the people.

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