Cargo Flights A Factor For The Stability of The Region: Commentary

Sunday July 9, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Honest and sincere efforts for realizing big projects in the level of the region and desisting the views for using the projects as means can lead the region toward cooperation and tranquility and will be a major factor for settling the problems and crisis that currently threat the region.
BNA economic affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes the region and the countries of the region today are suffering from many problems even crisis emanated from wrong ideas and supremacy that certain countries follow, while the countries of the region are suffering from the high rate of poverty and poor economy. During the last years, big economic projects in the level of the region such as TAPI, CASA–1000 , revival of Silk Road, extension of rail roads’  have been planned and designed and the work on some of them have already started. Negotiations are underway for implementing the other projects. Generally, it raises the hope that the region is taking effective steps toward cooperation and peaceful coexistence.
Recently, President Ghani attended in an international meeting held in Dushanbe the capital of Tajikistan where the participants discussed on implementation of CASA–1000. Likewise, in session in Kabul, TAPI project which provides the ground for transmitting Turkmenistan gas through Afghanistan to Pakistan and India assessed by the participants of the session. The participants of the two sessions emphatically said that peace and stability of the region seriously need the practical and true regional cooperation that restore peace and stability of the region and provides the ground for economic growth and elimination of poverty and hunger forever. Afghan people and Islamic Republic of Afghanistan have honestly worked so far for, for implementing the above projects and we expect the other involved countries to do their best for realizing and practical use of the projects.
Afghans seriously believe that peace and stability in the region require the honest cooperation of the countries of the region. If a country thinks about peace and security of the region should put aside the ideas of using the projects as a means for achieving its specific objectives and believe like Afghan leadership that rescuing the region from current challenges and crisis such as terrorism, seriously depends to implementation of big economic projects. Islamic Republic of Afghanistan during the last fifteen years, mainly concentrated on such projects and insisted that without prevailing peace idea in the region, peace will not ensure in the region.
When we claim that war cannot determine the route of peace and terrorism is an irreconcilable phenomenon, therefore, it is an urgent need the big projects implemented in the region, because economic growth decrease the level of insecurity and provide the ground for settling the challenges, crisis and poverty  that threat the region. Therefore, it would be better to look on big regional projects as strategic projects, which are the main factors for cooperation, peaceful coexistence, and tranquility. Wrong ideas such as using the projects as a means for achieving illegally ambitious goals or insisting on driving a county or countries to aside line, make our commitments already made for settling the regional dispute in vain.
Abdul Khalil Menawi

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