First Vice President Meets UN Special Envoy

Monday, June 23, 2014
Kabul (BNA) First Vice President, Mohammad Younus Qanooni met yesterday with UN special envoy to Afghanistan and discussed on election process in the country. Presidential press office stated BNA, in the meeting; both sides exchanged views and discussed related to current issues and Afghanistan’s election process.
Pointing out related to holding presidential runoff election, First Vice President said, “Afghanistan people have chosen democratic way for changing their political system.
Therefore, they went to participate in the election and wanted to elect their country’s destiny by casting votes.”
The First Vice President while expressing gratitude on cooperation of UN and international community with Afghanistan praised UN to Afghanistan for showing readiness related to cooperation in the election process.
He added the UN’s cooperation in the country’s election process would be effective.
UN special envoy to Afghanistan Yan Kubish while expressing cooperation in Afghanistan’s presidential election process expressed readiness on continuation of UN’s cooperation with Afghanistan people.

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