Governor of Nimroz, in a Meeting With Tribal Leaders Asked Them to Live Safely Under the Islamic Emirate Flag

Zarang (BNA) The governor of Nimroz met with the tribal leaders and influential people of the province and discussed important issues with them.

At a gathering held in the province on the occasion, Mullah Abdul Khaliq Abed, the governor of Nimroz, first said: “The Afghanistan Islamic Emirate includes all ethnic groups in Afghanistan and defends the material and spiritual rights of every person in this land.”

He added: “The secret of success and peace of a country is based on the unity and unity of its nation, and our request to the tribes of Nimroz is to go under the banner of Islam and cooperate with Islamic Emirate to live their lives in complete safety.”

The leaders of the Nimroz tribes then expressed their complete satisfaction with the meeting, promised full cooperation to the Islamic Emirate administration, saying that the most important issue in the lives of our people is living under the banner of Islam.


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