Heart of Asia Countries Reaffirm Cooperation To Afghanistan Post-2014

Tuesday, May 20, 2014
Kabul (BNA) The association of countries known as “Heart of Asia Counties” organized its fourth technical group meeting in the Indian capital New Delhi in which the member nations reaffirmed their longstanding economic assistance to Afghanistan post-2014 when foreign forces set to leave the country.
The meeting mainly focused on the issue of investments among the regional countries, trade, transit ties and expansion of economic and commercial relations.
Indian officials in the meeting declared TAPI project and Chabahar Port two important economic projects that could enhance trade and economic ties between the regional nations.
The meeting was attended by representatives from the Islamic Republic of Iran, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indian, Russian Federation, Turkey, Australia, USA, Canada, Germany, European Union (EU) and the Asian Foundation envoys.
In the meantime, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) in a statement has said that the heart of Asia Countries could play crucial role in enhancing regional economic cooperation and in curbing international terrorism and extremis.
“The heart of Asia countries in its 4th technical group meeting in New Delhi has reaffirmed long term cooperation to Afghanistan,”
The state said. “India is willing to cooperate with Afghanistan in communication, trade and in customs sector including support to further intensify the capacity of Afghan business women and India is also willing to conduct several trade exhibitions in Kabul,” the statement added.
In the meeting, India offered a plan to the member countries and the main purpose of the plan is to better coordinate economic cooperation after 2014 to Afghanistan.
The participants agreed to implement their economic activities within the framework of a confidence building measures and investment and trade opportunities to boost regional cooperation and they also emphasized on a broader role of Afghanistan in this respect.
Economic analysts have said that Afghanistan is locate in the heart of Asia and it can play significant role in connecting south and central Asian countries together and further expand economic and commerce relations. “Afghanistan has many opportunities and through better management it can attract international investments, government must focus on establishment of relations with the world, because it helps us to overcome on the issues, and extend trade, economic activities, but government must keep balance in relations with other countries,” political commentator Mohammad Iqbal said.
In the meantime, a number of the citizen have said that Afghanistan must expand its relations with the world in order to seek settlement to regional and international issues particularly the menace of terrorism and insurgency, militancy and fundamentalism.
“Afghanistan has always struggled to forge frank relations with the other countries, so heart of Asia countries could play major role in supporting Afghanistan to overcome on the challenges after the evacuation of international forces,” local resident Muzhda said.

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