Hundreds of Families Received Humanitarian Aid in Kabul

KABUL (BNA) The Ministry of State Disaster Management, in the extension of its humanitarian assistance, today distributed foodstuffs to 480 other families.

Mohammad Nasim Haqqani, Spokesman of the Ministry of State Disaster Management, said the round of aid distribution process, for nearly 500 families from different parts of Kabul, includes, 50kg wheat, 100kg rice, 5kg sugar, and 5kg mung bean were distributed.

The ministry’s humanitarian assistance to the people continues in all provinces during the holy month of Ramadan. He added

In a series of humanitarian aid, the ministry of State Disaster management assisted thousands of needy, destitute, and displaced families in cooperation with national and international aid organizations across the country.

While the United States blocked billions of Afghanistan’s monetary the economy of the country is collapsing and the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is trying to reach the needs of its people through international humanitarian aid organizations.

Bakhtar News Agency

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